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Invest in SOLAR Benefits

  • Save money on your utility bills
  • Enjoy federal and state tax breaks
  • Increase your home's resale value
  • Help preserve the environment
Why Go Solar?


Bringing solar power to Maryland households, Renewable Energy Corporation is dedicated to offering only the highest-quality solar and green products and services to our customers, from solar panels to solar water heating systems. Passionate about solar panel benefits, we make it our goal to adhere to top standards in customer service and satisfaction, working to meet each individual homeowner’s specific needs on every project.

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Home Solar PanelsLower Your Electric Bill

Renewable Energy Corporation is a Maryland solar energy company serving Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. households with solar panels that can harness the sun’s power, lower electric bills and increase a home’s value over time. Because, at Renewable Energy Corporation, we know firsthand the solar power benefits that are available, we are proud to be a local solar company committed to installing reliable, American-made solar panels and energy products for homeowners throughout the area. Our experienced solar panel installers in Maryland bring 500 – 600 kilowatts of solar energy online each year throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. If you’re thinking about making the investment to add solar panels to your property, come to us. Our experts can show you the advantages available through solar power, along with a breakdown of solar panel ROI.

Invest in Solar Benefitsfor Your Home

Solar panel installation in Maryland is one of the smartest energy investments a homeowner can make, and here is why: Home solar panels begin paying for themselves immediately in the form of lower electricity bills — you can see this with our online solar panel calculator. What’s more, the excess electricity generated by solar energy can be sold back to utility companies in many areas. There are also state and federal tax breaks for solar energy, so you have a way to hedge against future energy cost fluctuations while supporting the local economy. This means the initial investment made in purchasing and installing your solar panels comes back to you continuously over time.


Not only are solar panels a smart investment in terms of cost savings, but also they can add real value to your home. Your home becomes more marketable to green-minded buyers when it has eco-friendly features like renewable energy sources. In fact, even non-Earth-conscious buyers will see the appeal of lower energy costs from solar panels that have already been installed. Whether you’re thinking about the immediate or long-term solar benefits from adding solar panels, there is a lot to gain.

While the costs of installing a solar system used to feel out of reach for homeowners, there is good news today. Now there are many advances that make even those with tight budgets able to get involved.

At Renewable Energy Corporation, we can help you determine the best ways to take advantage of solar power.

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