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“Please forgive us for the delay in getting this letter to Renewable Energy Corp. We have been very impressed with Renewable Energy from the first telephone call from your staff. The person was very professional and told us what we needed to know, resulting in our making an appointment. We made the appointment mainly for information with no intention of buying a solar water system. We were so impressed with your sales representative and his ability to help us understand what installing a solar water system involved and the benefits and rebates that would come to us. We signed up on the spot — April 27th. The installation by your senior solar technician was perfect. It was clear he had done similar installations many times before. We were not only impressed with his workmanship, but also with the high quality of materials he was installing. From day one, the system has functioned as promised as we continue to watch our BG&E bill decline month by month. Again, thanks to you and your staff for completing much of the paperwork needed to apply for the various rebates. We have been happy to recommend Renewable Energy Corporation to others due to our satisfying experience.”

— Dan and Sarah Force

“I would like to take the time to express my appreciation for the remarkable work I received from your company regarding the solar powered water system you company installed in my home in the last few months. I am enjoying the new equipment and its installation that I know is providing me with lower use of my utilities, which will lower the bills for my house. I am completely satisfied with the professional services I have received thus fa,r as well as the opportunity of receiving an incentive for being involved in projects that will improve conditions for the future as we find other alternatives to use that will save energy, cost, and waste.”

— Carl Harvin

“My family recently had an Energy Saver Package installed in our home which included a solar attic fan, a Power-Save 1200 unit and a solar water system. Before the installation even took place, we were impressed with the quality of merchandise we were receiving as well as your representative’s knowledge of solar energy. Once the attic fan was installed, we felt an immediate difference in the temperature of our upstairs floor. Prior to that, we had to keep our air conditioner on a very low temperature to keep the upstairs cool at night. We actually had to raise the temperature that night because the upstairs had cooled down so much!

“We had a few glitches with our solar water heater, but Renewable Energy was great about it. The installer came over to our house several times, including weekends, to troubleshoot the issues. It turned out that our brand new hot water heater had a broken heating element — an issue that was out of their control and something that our technician had never seen before. He immediately ran to Home Depot, purchased a new heating element and returned to install it. He also placed an order to upgrade our control system to a newer model. Once that showed up, he came out and installed it and we have been enjoying solar-heated water ever since.

“I’ve been interested in Green Technology, not only because it can save us money, but also because it’s good for the environment. I am currently in the United States Coast Guard and was deployed to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill response back in May. I saw firsthand what our dependency on oil has driven us to. We now have to take unsafe, drastic measures to find this finite resource. When accidents like this happen, it is catastrophic to the environment. It makes me feel good that I purchased technology that harnesses the natural power of the sun and reduces my usage of fossil fuels. This will not only lower my energy bill, but it will reduce my carbon footprint and make for a cleaner environment for my kids. I am glad that we could purchase this technology through a local, reputable company. Renewable Energy provides excellent service and stands by their products. We’re extremely happy with our purchase and we can now say we live in a Green House!”

— Aaron Foster, Chief Marine Science Technician, United States Coast Guard

“I am writing to thank Renewable Energy Corporation for a job well done in handling my solar panel installation project. I am thoroughly satisfied with my new solar system. Even though the process was, at times, complicated, Renewable Energy did a great job of handholding. I was guided smoothly through the process of transitioning to a renewable energy source. All of the phases of the project were well explained and proceeded smoothly. The installers were top quality, efficient and quick. Most of all, I wish to thank Erin Kelly at Renewable Energy for tirelessly answering my numerous questions when I called. She thoroughly addressed all of my concerns and sometimes patiently answered the same questions that were asked on previous calls. I can’t tell you how much peace of mind I now have with my solar independence!”

— Charlie Wittig

“Now that our system installation has been completed, blessed by the county and the net metering equipment has been installed, I thought we should let you know how satisfied we are with the finished product. The crew that handled the ground mount installation, attached the solar panels and completed the electrical connection was professional, courteous and hard working. Looking back that may have been the easy part, just ask them about the Carroll County rocks and how cold it was for those few days. Your office staff, Erin, was always available to answer my questions or solve my problems and was a delight to work with. The new meter has only been in place for a couple of weeks but I have checked it enough to catch it in receiving (BGE is receiving) mode. I am looking forward to my first full bill with the system.”

— Bill Kelley

“I would like to say that I had a very good experience with Renewable Energy in the installation of my American-made SolarWorld solar panels. The installation team did a wonderful job and it was on time and everything was cleaned up after. The electricians that came to install the interior connections were very friendly and efficient. The panels passed inspection and look great!

“I also found that the follow-up to get my energy credits and to make the installation part of the Pepco grid was well managed by you and your office personnel. I highly recommend your company and am very pleased with your services. I would love to make myself available to talk with your prospective clients regarding your service.”

— Linda Bartash

“Working with Renewable Energy Corporation has been a great experience from start to finish! We moved forward with a solar water heater because financially it is a great step for our family. It will lower our current electric bill, plus give us back money yearly. With all of the financial incentives from the government it was hard to pass up. Going green was really just a bonus for us! I was worried about working with the government on receiving grants and filling out paperwork, but Renewable Energy has made it such an easy process; we just basically had to sign and put it in the mail! The install process was also very smooth, even when they had to go the extra mile and do extra electrical work for us because of the location of our water heater. Now, I have a beautiful water heater that harnesses the power of the sun instead of paying the electrical company for hot water! From sales, financing and scheduling to installation, grant work and inspection, hands down the easiest home project we’ve encountered. Thank you Renewable Energy for making this such a streamlined and easy process!”

— Victoria Bowles

“Renewable Energy has been an excellent company to deal with; everyone was friendly and professional. I had considered solar energy for years, but I simply moved too often. I decided to incorporate solar energy into my retirement plans, as it will provide me with reduced energy cost. Renewable Energy handled everything from permits, rebates, financing and even notifying the homeowners’ association. Installation was fast and my system is working like a gem. I have and will continue to recommend Renewable Energy to friends and neighbors.”

— Diane B.

“Thank you for making it so easy for us to get the solar system installed. It was very overwhelming when we initially researched solar options. Your staff assisted us with selecting the right system and then provided support throughout the implementation process. The panels and other components were installed on schedule and things were done right the first time. The frequent communications, which made us aware of what was coming next, complemented your technical proficiency and made the process relatively painless for us. Thanks again for the good work.”

— The Saldaris

“We are extremely pleased with our new solar system we purchased from Renewable Energy Corporation. I had been researching solar power for the last 5 years, and timing is everything. Not only did Renewable work with us but a great deal and friendship was formed. Tax incentives, county, state and federal not to mention SREC’s = more $$$ to help pay for the whole system. The service and team at Renewable have been very helpful in making our home energy efficient and we are reaping the rewards. There hasn’t been a better investment I can think of that not only helps our planet but also helps to save consumers money. We have enjoyed doing business with Renewable Energy and look forward to many years of savings. I know if we ever need any assistance with our solar system Renewable will be there for us. Thank you for all the superior service.”

— The Bowlings

“Hello, I just wanted to let you know that everyone at Renewable Energy has been very nice to do business with. You have been helpful in all ways. Your crew that came out to do the install was very friendly, answered all my questions and was very fast doing the job and it was very well done.
You said the panels you were installing would cut my electric bill in half. After one week with this hot weather of upper 90s, I’m actually using a little less than half the energy I was using previously.
I wanted my house to be less expensive to operate in the future and this will do that, along with helping the environment. After turning the system on and checking it every day and seeing the house using less energy all I can say is wow.”

— Mark Murphy

“We had a very good initial meeting with the Renewable Energy representative and learned a lot about solar power. Our subsequent contacts with the staff in Renewable’s office were very helpful. They helped us complete the applications for the various grants and provided our homeowners’ association with the information they needed. It was all completed in a very professional manner. The electrician installed the panels quickly and correctly. There were no problems with the county inspection and everything went very smoothly. We have had the panels in operation for 2-1/2 months with no problems. Thank you for all your help.”

— Jim Corcoran

“Our dealings with Renewable Energy have been nothing but positive from the very beginning. My husband and I had been researching solar information for a few years. We had some knowledge and our sales consultant was very helpful filling in the blanks for us. He was nothing short of being upfront and honest about what to expect from our solar hot water system. We talked with other companies only to hear claims that were unreasonable and couldn’t be received from their systems. The installation crew was great. They were very professional and answered any questions we had in regards to the installation process. We’ve had installers in our home in the past for various things, and Renewal Energy’s installers were by far the best we’ve had in our home so far. The solar hot water system works just as it was explained to us. We had it installed a few months ago and enjoy seeing the energy savings each month. I am very happy that we made the decision to have it installed and very happy we found Renewable Energy. They are a great company with a great product.”

— Tracy and Cheryl

“We just recently completed our experience with Renewable Energy and we are extremely happy with our decision and with our panels. We felt that ‘going solar’ was a great way to help out the environment by producing renewable energy and also helping out our wallets as well. While we have not had the panels installed for all that long, we are definitely satisfied so far! The installers did a wonderful job and any questions I had post-installation with the paperwork or the process to get the meter changed with BGE were answered very quickly. I always appreciated that when I called Renewable Energy that I was able to speak with someone directly and I did not have to go through an automated message with countless menu options. The panels definitely do exactly what we wanted them to do. We feel a little more ‘green’ and environmentally conscious and they save us money each month on our electric bill. My favorite part of the process was when Renewable Energy would send us all of the paperwork to submit for the county, state and federal grants. The paperwork was basically complete and all we had to do was mail it to the proper address and wait for our check or tax credit. It was great. Overall we are definitely happy with our decision to get solar panels with Renewable Energy.”

— Phil

“I just wanted to give you a brief letter of recommendation about the excellent work by Renewable Energy Corporation. I had a 1-kilowatt PV system installed in April, and I could not be happier. The work was installed quickly, competently and professionally. My energy bills have plummeted, and I feel like I am contributing in some small way toward the goal of energy self-sufficiency. The sales and administrative staffs were very helpful throughout the process, and guided me through the paperwork necessary to obtain some valuable energy credit benefits. I am extremely happy that I invested in a solar system with Renewable Energy Corporation. I still proudly display the yard sign, and am happy to discuss my positive experience with anyone who is considering ‘going solar’!”

— Brian Kapfer