Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating Systems

It takes more energy to run your water heater than all of your other appliances combined. In fact, water heating accounts for up to 30 percent of your home’s carbon dioxide emissions.

A solar water heater or solar thermal system can provide up to 80 percent of that heating power using clean, free energy from the sun.

The Most Efficient Type of Solar Available for Your Home

A solar power hot water heater system harnesses the power of the sun more efficiently than most solar electric (PV) panels. It is also less expensive to install, making it the most cost-effective choice in solar energy for the majority of households.

How Does a Solar Water Heater System Work?

Just like a solar PV system, a solar water heating system uses panels or collectors to harvest energy from the sun. These panels are a little different, though. They consist of a series of fluid-filled tubes under glass. Here’s how the system works:

  1. As the sun warms the collectors, the fluid in the tubes heats up. Fluid temperatures can reach more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. When the fluid is hot enough, pumps are activated that circulate the fluid through the system.
  3. A heat exchanger transfers heat from the tubes to water in your storage tank. No actual fluid is transferred, so your domestic hot water remains pure.
  4. The cooled water returns to the collector to repeat the cycle.
  5. A conventional gas or electric water heater (such as your existing one) remains on-site as backup for periods when there is not sufficient solar heat available. However, a typical solar water heater will take care of three-fourths of an average family’s water heating needs.

Who Benefits Most from Solar Hot Water?

A solar water heater can be installed in any home that has enough room for collectors and sufficient sun exposure. In fact, solar hot water collectors are more tolerant of light shading than PV panels, so they can be used on some sites that are not suitable for a solar electric system.

The more hot water you are using now, the faster your solar water heating system will pay itself back. Solar hot water is an especially smart choice for large families, and for businesses that use a lot of hot water, such as restaurants and breweries.

Your Solar Water Heating Experts

As a matter of pride, we make a point of selling and installing only American-made solar hot water products. We exclusively use Heliodyne® solar water heaters, which are made right here in the United States. We feel that they are a better value than some of the cheap products made in other countries.

We are also committed to outstanding service. Our contractors don’t just sell solar water heaters; we install them strictly in accordance with code and with attention to every last detail of safety, efficiency and appearance.